How to find greatest of two numbers using conditional operator in C++ Language

Introduction: In previous article i explained How to Find greatest of three numbers using nested if else in C++ Language  and How to swap two numbers without using temporary variable in C++ Language? and Check whether a number is positive or negative using if else in C++ Language and Check whether a number is even or odd using if else statement in C++ Language .  Now in this article i will explain how to find greatest of two numbers using conditional operator in C++ Language. Conditional operator is also known as ternary operator and its symbol is ?:
 The syntax for conditional operator is: condition?expression1:expression2;
Condition is evaluated either true or false as a Boolean expression . If condition is true expression1 will be evaluated and become the result else expression2 will be evaluated and become the result.Let's create a program to understand the working of ternary operator.

             int x,y,large;
             cout<<"Enter first value: ";
             cout<<"Enter second value: ";
            cout<<"Largest value among two numbers= "<<large;
Run the program using Ctrl+F9

Enter first value: 56
Enter second value: 9
Largest value among two numbers= 56

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