What is the Difference Between jQuery and JavaScript?

Introduction: In this article I am going to explain the difference between JavaScript and jQuery or we can say Javascript vs jQuery. It is one of the most frequently asked interview question. 

Let's see what are the difference between both one by one.


1) JQuery is basically library of JavaScript. But the difference is that jQuery make the life of a developer easier because using jQuery we can do more with less code. We can achieve the same result by writing less line of code than JavaScript.  We don’t not to write much scripting which already exists in JQuery library.

2) All common functionalities needed while developing any web application which requires many line of JavaScript code are now grouped and made as a library called "jQuery".

3)jQuery has been optimized to perform many common scripting functions in just fewer lines of code to make coding faster and easier.

4) To be able to use the jQuery library  in our project we need to either download jQuery files from http://jQuery.com/download/ or we can use Microsoft or Google CDN (Content Delivery Network) directly inside Head tag as mention below:

Google CDN:

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jQuery/3.2.0/jQuery.min.js"></script>

Microsoft CDN:

<script src="https://ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/jQuery/jQuery-3.2.0.min.js"></script>

5) The additional library that jQuery requires can dramatically increase loading time for those with slow internet. 

6) jQuery simplifies some tedious tasks like manipulating the DOM, HTML document traversing, event handling, adding some effects and animations and most importantly doing it in a cross browser fashion. One of the tasks that is simplified by jQuery is AJAX which is a concept allowing a browser to send an asynchronous request to a web server allowing for richer web applications.

7) The primary benefit of jQuery is the reduced development time so it is good for simple projects with a tight deadline.

8) jQuery is less prone to make mistakes or miss something than JavaScript .

9) jQuery is more beginner friendly than JavaScript.  

JavaScript :

1) JavaScript is language whereas jQuery is library programmed in that language. It’s like "English" vs. "book written in English". Or we can say JavaScript is an "egg" and jQuery is ready made "Omelette".

2) Either option can be used to do the exact same task, but often jQuery can do it with fewer lines of code.

3) Biggest difference between jQuery and JavaScript is that jQuery has been optimized to work with a variety of browsers automatically. Unfortunately, JavaScript still has some issues with cross-browser compatibility due to poor JavaScript implementation practices on the part of web browser developers.

4) If we use JavaScript, you need to write our own scripting which may take time.

5) JavaScript is more prone to make mistakes or miss something than jQuery.

6) JavaScript is less beginner friendly than jQuery.

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