Sql Server Query to Split String from Comma and get Left and Right Part

Introduction: In this article I am going to share how to split a string by comma or anything and get left and right portion of the string in sql server.

Description: Suppose we have a string like “Hello,World” and we want to split this string by comma and get the left and right portion of the string.

Implementation: Let’s create an example to understand how to get this. 

DECLARE @str VARCHAR(50)='Hello,World';

SELECT LEFT(@str, CHARINDEX(',', @str)-1)as LeftPart, RIGHT(@str, LEN(@str)-CHARINDEX(',', @str)) as RightPart;


  1. CHARINDEX is used to find the position of the comma in the string.
  2. Based on the CHARINDEX of the comma the Left function pulls everything left of the indicated position
  3. Right pulls everything to the right of the indicated position, which is the length of the string minus the position of the comma.
Another way to get the same result:

SELECT LEFT(@str,CHARINDEX(',',@str)-1) as LeftPart, RIGHT(@str,CHARINDEX(',',REVERSE(@str)) - 1) as RightPart

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