Introduction: In this article I am going to share how to get/find/check all the constraints defined on sql server table.

Description: You can check the primary key constraint, foreign key constraint, unique key constraint or other constraint defined on table using any of the following two easiest commands.

Implementation: Let's check both commands

 First command:

Syntax is: EXEC sp_helpconstraint 'TableName'

For example:

EXEC sp_helpconstraint 'tbEmployee'

Above command will show you all the constraints defined on table

Second command:

Syntax is:  sp_help 'TableName'

For example:

sp_help 'tbEmployee'

Above command will show you all the constraints defined on table at the bottom along with other useful information regarding the table.

Note: tbEmployee is the name of the table whose constraints we want to check 

Now over to you:
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