Check whether a number is even or odd using if else statement in C Language

Introduction: In the previous article i explained How to swap two numbers without using temporary variable in C Language? and Check whether a number is positive or negative using if else and What is For loop in C language? Program to print counting up to given limit and Find month name corresponding to number using switch case and Find greatest of three numbers using multiple if statement and Find greatest of two numbers using conditional operator .
Now in this article i have written a program to check whether the entered number is even number or the odd number using C language. Concept is very simple.

Implementation: Let's check it out by an example program.

      int num;
      printf("Enter any number: ");
      printf("%d is even number",num);
      printf("%d is odd number",num);

  • Now run the program using Ctrl+F9
First Run:
  Enter any number: 90
  90 is even number
Second Run:
  Enter any number: 75
  75 is odd number

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