What is C++ Language ? Calculate sum of two numbers in C++ Language

Introduction: C++ (pronounced  “ see plus plus”) is a general purpose programming language developed by “Bjarne Stroustrup” as an extension to C language, starting in 1979 at Bells labs. C++ was originally named “C with Classes”, adding object oriented features, such as Objects, Classes, Abstraction, Encapsulations, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overloading and other enhancements to the C programming language

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages that runs on variety of platforms like Windows, UNIX, Mac OS etc
  • Now let’s create our first simple program to Calculate the sum of two numbers in C++ Language 

void main()
 int a,b,sum;
 cout<<"Enter first number= ";
 cout<<"Enter second number= ";
 cout<<"\nSum of " <<a<<" and "<<b<<" = "<<sum;

Enter first number=45
Enter second number=55

Sum of 45 and 55 = 100

Now over to you:

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