What is C Language? Calculate Sum of two numbers in C Langauge

Introduction: What is C Language?
In computing C is a general purpose programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at “AT & T’s Bell Laboratories” of USA in 1972.
This language was created for a specific purpose i.e. to design the UNIX operating system.The Unix operating system and virtually all Unix applications are written in the C language. C has now become a widely used professional language for various reasons which are:
·         Easy to learn
·         Structured language
·         It produces efficient programs.
·         It can handle low-level activities.
·         It can be compiled on a variety of computers.

Some Facts about C Language
·         C was basically invented to write an operating system called UNIX.
·         C language is a successor of B language which was introduced around 1970
·         The language was formalized in 1988 by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).
·         C is a procedural language.
·         Today C is the most widely used System Programming Language.
·         C language influenced most of the modern world programming languages which include the mighty C++ and Java as well.

Now let’s create a program to calculate sum of two numbers using C language
void main()
  int a,b,sum;
  printf("Enter value of a=");
  printf(" Enter value of b=");
  printf("Sum of %d and %d = %d"a,b,sum);

Run the program using ctrl+F9

Output will be:
Enter value of a= 50
Enter value of b= 30
Sum of 50 and 30 = 80

Now over to you:

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