How to delete all views from sql server database

IntroductionIn this article i will explain how to delete all the views from Sql server database.

Description: In previous articles i explained How to delete all stored procedures from sql server database and How to delete all triggers from sql server database and How to delete all tables from Sql server Database . Now going to share the command to delete all the created views from the Sql Server Database.
Note: This command will delete all the views from your database so use with care.

Implementation: In Sql server execute the following command:

Declare @viewName varchar(500)
Declare cur Cursor For Select [name] From sys.objects where type = 'v'
Open cur
Fetch Next From cur Into @viewName
While @@fetch_status = 0
 Exec('drop view ' + @viewName)
 Fetch Next From cur Into @viewName
Close cur
Deallocate cur 

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