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How to swap two numbers in C Language ?

Introduction: How to swap/Interchange the value of two numbers/values in C Language is very basic task. There are a number of ways to swap the value of two numbers in C Language.  In this article I am going to use a temporary variable or we can say third variable to help in swapping. In the article How to swap two numbers without using temporary variable in C Language?  I have explained how to swap two numbers without using temporary variable and there is also my another article Another way to swap two numbers without using temporary variable in C Language?  that explains another way to swap two numbers in C Language.

Program example: Let's understand by an program

void main()
 int a,b,temp;
 printf("Enter the value of a= ");
 printf("\nEnter the value of b= ");
 printf("\nValue of a before swapping= %d",a);
 printf("\nValue of b before swapping= %d",b);
 printf("\nValue of a after swapping= %d",a);
 printf("\nValue of b after swapping= %d",b);

Run the program using ctrl+F9

Enter the value of a=10
Enter the value of b=20

Value of a before swapping=10
Value of b before swapping=20
Value of a after swapping=20
Value of b after swapping=10

Now over to you:

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